The Empire of Ithlum
The burgeoning Empire of Ithlum spans the majority of the Northern Mainland. [[Empress Alketh Savann of Ithlum | The Empress]] watches over her people with a benevolent gaze from the Inner Sanctum of The Crimson Citadel, and the many Towns and Cities serve mostly independently under the protection of local Barons and Earls.

h3. Factions

[[The Imperia Guard | The Imperia Guard]]

[[Sorcerers of Aneg | Sorcerers of Aneg]]

[[The Lords and Men | The Lords and Men]]

h3. Locations

[[The Crimson Citadel | The Crimson Citadel]] (Capital)

[[Mako | Mako]]

[[Enthorp | Enthorp]]

[[Awan | Awan]]

[[Byaneh | Byaneh]]

[[Wyewich | Wyewich]]

[[Aladhon | Aladhon]]

[[Aneg | Aneg]]

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